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Deep Boarding High School, which was established in 1980 with profound aim of enhancing knowledge of the students through practical education, has already celebrated its silver jubilee in 2005. The school has been ‘Deepakalizing’ the society and the students with the bright rays of education since its establishment with the motto ‘Education is the light of life.’

The school believes in practical based quality education. So, it not only gives emphasis on reading and writing but also gives equal emphasis on extra curricular activities for all round development of the students. In its friendly educational environment, it provides the students opportunities to cultivate their minds. The school is deeply concerned about the discipline and behavior of its students. Eventually the goal of the school is to produce dynamic and responsible citizens for the nation to meet the concept of ‘ New Nepal’.


The school has got young and energetic team both in management and teaching field. It has got well, qualified, experienced and devoted teachers / facilitators for good guidance. The school has managed level wise co-coordinator and department heads to maintain good academic performance in the school. The school does have approximately all prerequisite for a good academy like school building, class rooms, library, computer lab, science lab, first aid section, pure drinking water, account section with computerized account system etc.

Deep Boarding High School has come up to this stage due to the marvelous effort of management committee, executives, teachers, parents and students. The pleasant fragrance of quality education of the school can be felt from the results of SLC / SEE held in the previous years. The school has been getting 100% result since long.

Our Facilities

The school has got a well maintained hostel for boys and girls. It is a home away from home. All students get homely environment with all sorts of teaching learning facilities. Coaching classes are run by experienced, qualified and elegant teachers. Students get ample opportunities for their holistic development. Students are admitted in the hostel only after checking their activities in the school if found satisfactory. If any students want to join the hostel facility, they must be admitted in the month of Baishak and can’t leave it in the middle of the session.

The school has set up a comprehensive library full of teaching and learning materials like course books, reference materials of different subjects, newspapers. magazines, different tools and instruments for games and sports etc. The students are allowed to borrow the reference material of their interest with the provision of fortnightly renewal. NB: Library card is a must to use the reference materials of the library. Marking, underlining, cutting and tearing the pages of the library books are strictly prohibited. Incase it is found doing so, the student will be charged double price of the book.

The school has set up a special science lab with necessary science equipments required for the practical classes of science as the school gives emphasis on practical education. The students who visit the laboratory are allowed to use the necessary materials under the supervision of respective subject teachers.

All kinds of stationery and educational materials will be supplied by the school in cheap rate. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to bring such materials which are supplied by the school. School supplies such materials to maintain quality, uniformity and prompt availability rather than business point of view.

Deep Boarding High School has installed wide range of teaching materials. Audio and video teaching is at most. Pictures, charts, cards and substantial materials are of plenty. Demonstration and example method is applied in the classroom. Focus is given to students vase activities.

Deep gives extra focus to sports, games and mind development programs. Every Friday students take part in different activities like quiz contest. Poetry, singing and dancing competition, game and sports both outdoor and indoor. Junior level students are given one period extra work everyday such as painting, drawing, conversation, sports, yogas etc. These all activities are supervised by the chief of extra curricular Department.

The school has a 24-hours on call medical doctor with a medical assistant. First aid service and medicine facility are available in the medical section of the school. The school provides periodic medical check up and test of the students to ensure that they have good health. In case of serious illness or intensive medical treatment is required, the school timely informs the concerning parents for further medical treatment.