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Academic Program

The school wants to have life-relationship with the respective guardians/parents so that the school will hopes clear interaction about the child.

  • The teaching-learning process in this school will be regular. Coaching and feedback classes will also be given.
  • There will be home-visit program to keep life-relation with the respective parents/guardians in every year after first-terminal examination.
  • We have modern audio visual aids with slide and overhead projector.
  • We have daily homework checking and giving system.
  • We have library, science lab and sports facility.
  • We have daily evaluation system. Our vice principals, faculty deans and other executive bodies are involved in this task.
  • We have scout program as well as karate for interested candidates.
  • For the betterment and for widening students prosperity, feeling and thoughts, we have field trip and educational tour, for the staff and students. Regular observation of the places of scientific importance is on process.
  • In teaching learning process Deep gives equal priority to sports and education. Teachers, students and guardians play a great role in this process. So that Deep tries to uplift deep relation with them.