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Message Form Principal

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”
– Albert Einstein
It is with great pride and excitement; I take an opportunity to introduce Deep Boarding High School and its Academic faculties with significant achievements in the conclusive results of long academic career, where lives have been transformed and visions have been nurtured since 2037 BS. Children are the best of flowers plucked from God’s garden given to us to nurture with tender care and affection. My earnest request to the parents is not to burden them with your own patronizing ambitions and longings. Leave them to be molded and unfolded to their own individuality. Bring them up with fondled affections and warmth, but never impede them up to your whims and fancies, for then you would be hindering and hazarding their natural development. We request you to partner with us to provide our children with effective tools of learning that help them to make their own identities rather than be predecessors of geniuses.
With the motto of Deep ‘Education is the Light of life, and the belief ‘Education is a powerful weapon for changing lives and shaping the future” we are getting our success in catering quality education. Where quality education is concerned as an essential tool for gaining the best knowledge and develops modernized society. The outcomes of learning for individuals may vary based on different contexts but at the completion of the elementary education, every student should gain life skill, and scientific knowledge. It’s my pride that the academic faculties of Deep are involving themselves in empowering the children with technical as well as behavioral skills.
In Deep Boarding High School you will experience the teachers determined to their works with the updated knowledge which they handle in the classrooms. The qualified academic faculties of Deep impart you the values, which affect the behaviors and characters of an individual. We aim to meet the challenges of specific educational goals for students as well as developing creative independent and sociably adept young people. During the period if I lack anything to manage or plan for the quality education; I will heartily accept the suggestions and try to overcome the lacking. I welcome the students with complaints about the quality education of the institution.
I am delighted that you are considering Deep as a suitable institution to start or further your academic career. We are driven by our guiding principles of providing good quality educational services. As a result, Deep has undergone outstanding transformations and enhancements since its inception.

Mr. Tika Ram Nyoupane