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Scholarship Policy

The school has been encouraging the students by providing free ship and scholarship facilities to the children since its establishment. Only disciplined, labourious and studious students can achieve this facility. Free-ship and scholarship are provided under some terms and conditions.
They are:

  1. Students are provided with all sorts of facilities that have been declared to provide the students by PABSON and Government of Nepal.
  2. The guardian or parents should apply to the office of the school for the free- ship and scholarship before 15th of Baisakh of every academic session.
  3. Level first, second and third students are provided with 100% free facility. There are three levels ie. Nursery and KG?1st level, One to Five ? 2nd level, and 6 to 10 ? 3rd level. And class first, second and third students are provided with 100%, 75% and 50% discount in their monthly fee respectively.
  4. The students who reveal outstanding performance in extra curricular activities are provided with 25% to 100 % discount in their monthly fee as per their performance.
  5. If any student secures 90% marks in grade 8 [Basic Level Certificate Exam], he/she is provided with hostel facility free.
  6. Disabled and helpless students are provided with free-ship facility as per the government policy if the students are talent in study.
  7. If the total fee of an academic year of a student is paid, he/ she is provided with 10% discount in the amount and if 6 month’s fee is paid, 5 % discount is provided.
  8. Freeship or scholarship will not be provided to any students on the basis of their numbers. For the achievement of any scholarship or freeship the student must be morally well behaved and has to pass the exam fairly. Beside it, he/ she must have 90% attendance.
  9. If students are able to secure 90% in the final exam of grade 9, they will be provided with free hostel facilities. More over, if new student in grade nine is able to secure 90% in entrance exam, he / she will be provided with 100% free-ship according to economical condition of the students.


The school has been awarding with medals and certificates to those students who are able to reveal outstanding performance either in extra activities or in SLC examination. The awards are.

  1. If the students secure more than 90% marks in SLC examination, she / he is honored with Deep Gold Medal Award and certificate.
  2. If the students in extra curricular activities are able to get first, second and third position in district level competitions, they are awarded / honored with medals and certificates.