Deep Boarding High School
Education is the light of life


Chairman's Message

Dear Readers,
I’m very much inclined to introduce what ‘Deep’ real!y is . Deep is a deep (Deep) storage of light of knowledge (Deep). It is the intellectual out come for the scholarly interaction among a cohesive team of dynamic and managerial professionals and distinguished academicians from different sectors. It has a prolonged plan for catering a career oriented quality education to its scholars to make them well cultured and holistically developed in the future. More


Principal's Message

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Dear students and respected guardians,
It gives me an immense pleasure to introduce Deep B.H. school and its academic faculties through this propsectus. Deep B. H. S. School, established in 2037B.S., has successfully completed three decades playing great/vital role in the realm of national education producing skilled manpower. I would like to express my gratitude to the management committee members, teachers, staff, guardians and students and to all the well wishes for their kind support which enables the institution to reach at this stage-with in a very short span of time especially after having the responsibilities taken by eleven members management committee in 2056, The institution has been heading ahead accomplishing great achievement which is really a challenging lob for us to keep it up and to import quality education to the students. However I assure you that the school family will certainly meet the target. More


Message from Vice Principal

I am very glad to give you short information about Deep and its family members. In the field of education, Deep has been playing significant role by generating skilled manpower for the country which can be proved by its result. The school does not only focus on teaching and learning activities but  also gives emphasis on extra curricular activities too.

The faculty members of Deep are undoubtedly experienced, dedicated and well – qualified in their subject matters. The good aspect of Deep is pleasant and homely environment due to which students feel Deep as their best choice. At last, I am expecting  you to visit Deep Boarding and know the reality here.

Thank you

Mr. Kaladhar Aryal


Message from Vice Principal

The school is successfully able to reach to this stage due to teachers cum staff's continuous effort and labour, suggestions, help and guidelines of parents cum guardians, different NGOs and INGOs, well- wishers and school management committee. And I do expect positive cum constructive suggestion and guidelines from all stake holders in the days to come. I also would like to thank for trusting Deep as the best.


Miss Gyanu Thapa


Message From Chief of ECA and V.Principal

It is my great pleasure to pen some words about the extra curricular activities which are conducted in Deep with the motto' Sports for pride and healthy citizen'. Deep conducts various programmes on every Friday.

Only the bookish knowledge is not sufficient for a student in this era, rather the student must be competent in all sectors. It means the student must be fit mentally, physically, socially, and it is only possible when the student is provided with the opportunity to play, sing dance etc. Extra activities play vital role for overall development. It is said 'Good Mind, Good Find', so to get good mind we need sound body. And it is only possible by extra curricular activities. It also develops the sense of brotherhood, sisterhood and co-operative behaviour with team spirit, sportsmanship and leadership.

Sports week is one of the events of the school during which many extra curricular activities are conducted. To provide guideline, the school has managed coach for different games like cricket. TT, Karate, Dance etc. Besides sports, the school conducts activities like Quiz, essay writing, speech, debate etc for which the teachers are ready to provide their supportive hands.

I hope these information will certainly help you to get some ideas about extra curricular activities of Deep.


Mr. Surendra Shakya